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About ICSI

why ICSI?

Fragmentation of our health care system isn’t working.

We believe that the most powerful, practical solutions to major health care issues are found when we courageously collaborate - stepping out of silos and often challenging the status quo.

ICSI helps forward-focused Minnesota health organizations find ways to redefine and redesign systems and the market. Together, we aim to improve care and reduce costs for our patients, families and communities.

what we do

We convene multiple collaborative efforts, trusted by our partners to ensure fair process and rigorous discourse so that hidden solutions can be discovered and elevated.

We help our partners build and spread evidence-based, thoughtful solutions; solutions that are prototype tested during development to ensure they have the power to stick – and spread.

We are experienced implementation partners, skilled in coaching teams in quality improvement, design and systems thinking, team communication and leadership.

Our Stakeholders 

We are an independent, nonprofit health care improvement organization with member medical groups and hospitals, nonprofit health plan sponsors, and active connections with and board representation by employers and consumers. Frequently we partner with state health and public health agencies, professional health care associations, regional health collaboratives and others in Minnesota and across the nation.

Articles and Press Releases


For communications and media inquiries: Tani Hemmila at

Legacy Work

This section contains information about ICSI's past initiatives, including related resources. This past work contains the building blocks that shape our current efforts. If you are unable to locate a particular piece of information, please Contact Us.


Updated 01/03/18