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Connect and Collaborate

ICSI's strength lies in the breadth of its membership. Our medical groups and hospitals represent 9,000 physicians in Minnesota and bordering regions. Through collaboration, ICSI members gain from other groups’ experience and accelerate making the changes required to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Peer Networking
One of the greatest benefits of ICSI membership is clinician and care team networking with peers and learning from one another on how to accelerate care delivery redesign.
Working with ICSI on both the DIAMOND and COMPASS collaboratives has been incredibly productive and rewarding. ICSI has been very effective in acting as a platform to successfully bring multiple health care organizations together who would not usually collaborate.
“ICSI has catalyzed improvement by facilitating cooperation between experts from multiple fields such as quality improvement advisors, clinicians, researchers, IT specialists, project management and administrators. Our Integrated Behavioral Health group has been able to adopt new models of care much faster and with fewer resources than if we had worked on our own.”

David Katzelnick MD, Chair, Division of Integrated Behavioral Health, Mayo Clinic
Influence National Policy in Support of Local Health Care
The broad and collaborative involvement of ICSI members in campaigns can sway national policies.
ICSI members’ successful statewide use of decision support to order high-tech diagnostic imaging (HTDI) scans resulted in a new law requiring decision support when ordering HTDI scans for Medicare patients.
“ICSI’s leadership...led to the adoption of this innovative, 'real-time' solution by Medicare and a rapidly growing number of providers and health systems. This is good for patients, providers and payers."

Liz Quam, Executive Director, CDI Quality Institute
Solve Complex Issues
Organizations can’t tackle major health care issues alone. ICSI brings together diverse stakeholders to collaboratively solve these issues. Since ICSI members willingly share best practices, organizations can more rapidly spread the solutions.
ICSI aligned with the Minnesota Hospital Association and Stratis Health on the RARE Campaign, which has prevented 7,975 avoidable hospital readmissions, saved $70 million, and helped patients spend 31,900 nights in their own beds. ICSI’s collaboration accelerated this work, and also improved transitions across the care continuum.
“ICSI is unique in that it brings the various constituents—all of whom have something to win and lose through health care redesign, and enables them to see the bigger picture and move forward to improve population health and deliver it at a meaningful cost. There’s no other organization that can bring all these players together to make this happen."

Scott Ketover, MD, President and CEO, Minnesota Gastroenterology