How long will it take to offer everyone a vaccine?

Unfortunately we do not have a good answer for this yet. On a national level, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommendations for equitable allocation of the vaccine. Healthcare workers and long-term care residents were the first group recommended to receive the vaccine and in January of 2021, the CDC expanded recommendations to include adults older than 65. However, rollout efforts are currently limited by amount of vaccine states and healthcare organizations are receiving as well as vaccine logistics.

Starting the week of February 8th, certain retail pharmacies are now offering the COVID-19 vaccine. With emergency use authorization of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on February 27, 2021, supply should increase, helping to speed up vaccination efforts.

See resources below for federal and state resources on vaccine rollout, participating pharmacies, as well as information regarding CMS coding and billing for COVID-19 vaccines.


Updated March 1, 2021