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For Patients

ICSI helps ensure medical groups and hospitals deliver evidence-based, patient-centered care that improves your health, care experience, and the cost of care.

We unite doctors, health plans, patients and other stakeholder to find health care solutions that no single group can achieve alone. 

Choosing Wisely

Do you really need that test or procedure?  You might be surprised. Choosing Wisely is a nationwide campaign that helps doctors and patients talk about medical procedures that are often overused, unnecessary or even harmful. Learn more.

Preventing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

ICSI and other health organizations launched the RARE Campaign to keep patients from needlessly returning to the hospital. Learn more. 

Ensuring the Right Medical Imaging Procedure

ICSI developed an approach that enables doctors to order the appropriate high-tech diagnostic image while with the patient. Learn more

Improving Depression Care

ICSI helps patients with depression get better faster through its primary care-based DIAMOND program. Learn more.

Helping Patients with Life-Limiting Illnesses

ICSI worked to introduce pain management, care coordination, and shared decision-making as part of routine primary care for patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Learn more.

Preventing Colorectal Cancer

ICSI partners with the American Cancer Society and the Minnesota Department of Health to increase colorectal cancer screening rates to save more lives. Learn more.

Patient Advisory Council

The Patient Advisory Council is a diverse group of volunteers who offer their recommendations on ICSI's clinical guidelines, health initiatives and materials designed for patients. Learn about the PAC Seal of Approval.

Patient Resources

Resources that can help patients improve the quality, safety, and experience of their health care.