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Patient Advisory Council

Current PAC members (L to R) Don Clark, Lynn Everling, Darlene Hafner, Kathy Kelley and Ken Zaiken, with PAC Seal of Approval certificates proudly displayed at ICSI's Bloomington office.

Seal of Approval

What better way to identify the value of patient and family centered care than the ICSI Patient Advisory Council Seal of Approval! All of ICSI's work, in addition to the work of our members, is eligible for the PAC Seal of Approval.

ICSI provides a collaborative environment where patients, providers and other health care organizations come together to address difficult issues. The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) ) is a group of individuals who contribute the patient voice to ICSI’s work. We strive to have PAC membership reflect the diversity of families that live in Minnesota, including a variety of cultures, ages, ethnicities, and urban/rural communities.

That’s what health care needs - patients willing to share their personal stories and work together with providers and health care organizations to improve the experience, outcomes and cost of care - the “Triple Aim.”

You can Make a Difference!

ICSI is looking for people who want to share their patient experiences. If you’re passionate about changing health care, that’s even better. PAC members should be comfortable speaking their opinions in groups, respect other points of view, and be able to seek solutions and connect with other patients to gather broader perspectives.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Your voice can make a difference for others
  • Learn how health care impacts our communities
  • Communicate more effectively with your health care team
  • Find and share your voice as a patient
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Work with others who are passionate about change
  • Opportunities to attend conferences and other activities
  • Small payment for your participation

Find Out More!

Meetings are held six times each year. More details are available in our charter. If you are interested, please apply online, or download and complete the application form and return it via email or fax to (952) 814-7081. For more information, please contact Jeyn Monkman at (952) 883-7980.

The Council wishes to reflect the cultural diversity of families that live in Minnesota, including a variety of ages, ethnicities, and urban/rural communities.