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Level I – Hypertension Screening

Level I Services: Preventive services for which clinicians and health systems must assess the need. These services must be recommended to each patient, as they have the highest value and are worthy of attention at every opportunity.

The USPSTF recommendations are fully endorsed by the ICSI Preventive Services work group.
Grade of Recommendation and Level of Certainty as Evaluated by USPSTF
  1. “Screening for high blood pressure in adults age 18 years and older.”
(USPSTF Last Revised 2007 – Update in Progress)
Grade of Recommendation:
  1. A

Level of Certainty:

  1. High
The USPSTF found good evidence that treatment of high blood pressure in adults substantially decreases the incidence of cardiovascular events.
The USPSTF found good evidence that screening and treatment for high blood pressure causes few major harms.
Benefits-Harms Assessment:
The USPSTF concludes that there is high certainty that the net benefit of screening for high blood pressure in adults is substantial.”
Relevant Resources:
ICSI Supplemental Information:
For additional resources refer to the ICSI Diagnosis and Management of Hypertension document.