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Level IV – Ovarian Cancer Screening

Level IV Services: Preventive services that are not supported by evidence and should not be recommended.

The USPSTF recommendations are fully endorsed by the ICSI Preventive Services work group.
Grade of Recommendation and Level of Certainty as Evaluated by USPSTF
  1. “Against screening for ovarian cancer in women.”
(USPSTF Last Revised 2012)
Grade of Recommendation:
  1. D

Level of Certainty:

  1. Moderate
The USPSTF found adequate evidence that annual screening with transvaginal ultrasonography and testing for a serum tumor marker, cancer antigen (CA)–125, in women does not reduce the number of ovarian cancer deaths.
Adequate evidence shows that screening for ovarian cancer can lead to important harms, including major surgical interventions in women who do not have cancer.
Benefits-Harms Assessment:
The USPSTF concludes that there is at least moderate certainty that the harms of screening for ovarian cancer outweigh the benefits.”
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Screening for Ovarian Cancer