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About ICSI Guidelines

ICSI has a rigorous process for developing and maintaining evidence-based guidelines and protocols.

Recent Enhancements

Development and Revision Process for ICSI Scientific Documents

In 2011, ICSI began its transition to utilizing the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) system as a method of assessing the quality of evidence and writing recommendations for guidelines. This provides advantages over other systems including a system previously used/developed by ICSI. Read More

Evidence Review for Protocols

ICSI previously developed a system for evaluating the evidence. Currently this is primarily used in revision of our protocols and is being phased out as the GRADE process is incorporated into our documents.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) requires the disclosure of all real or potential conflicts of interest by everyone who serves on Work Groups and Review Committees charged with developing, maintaining and approving ICSI Scientific Documents. The disclosure shall be made periodically or if a change in personal circumstances causes the previously submitted disclosure to be no longer accurate.  Even if a person is uncertain whether a conflict of interest exists, such potential conflicts should routinely be disclosed. Read more.

Importance of a Strong Conflict of Interest Policy

As this article about the Food & Drug Administration's review process points out, scientific reviewers can be swayed based on level of conflict of interest.