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Preventive Services for Adults

Revision Date: October 2014
Twentieth Edition

Endorsement Summary

ICSI has endorsed with qualifications the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations for adults.  These recommendations have been reviewed by the 2014 ICSI Preventive Services work group, utilizing the ICSI Endorsement Process:  C. Bass, D. Brink, S. Diem, A. Gravely, L. Harvey, M. Maciosek, L. Milteer, P. Rothe, L. Solberg, and J. Wilkinson.  Additional work group information, including the members declared conflicts of interest.

Each screening topic listed below includes the benefits and potential harms of all relevant recommendations, as well as links to the original USPSTF material and any implementation tools that apply.

For certain recommendations, the ICSI work group has added qualifications.  These are denoted with an *.

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is not a sponsor of, affiliated with nor does it endorse ICSI or the ICSI Preventive Services work group.  The USPSTF has not reviewed ICSI’s process for endorsement of guidelines.  The following ICSI endorsement and conclusions are solely the consensus of the ICSI Preventive Services work group using the ICSI Endorsement Process.

The ICSI Preventive Services work group recognizes that health care systems may need to initially focus their efforts on the reliable delivery of selected high-value preventive services.  By doing so, limited resources may be directed to those services that produce the largest health impacts with favorable cost effectiveness.

Text in blue in this document indicates a linked corresponding topic.

The USPSTF assigns each of its recommendations a Grade of Recommendation and a Level of Certainty.  The ICSI Preventive Services work group feels it is also necessary to indicate which preventive services must, should or could be recommended to patients, and which services should not be recommended.  The work group has categorized the USPSTF screening topics into the following levels:

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