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Health Care Value

Diagnostic Imaging

ICSI championed the use of appropriateness criteria to help clinicians order the right high-tech diagnostic images for patients. This decision-support initiative has improved patient health while lowering health care costs. Learn more in our Legacy Work section.

ICSI continues its focus on the Triple Aim of better care, better health, and lower cost. Health Care Value is within the third of these aims. We address this challenge by working to lower cost while simultaneously improving outcomes, thereby increasing health care value.

Shifting to Value

It’s not just a concept any more – health care organizations will be measured by MACRA starting in January 2017, and begin receiving payments for these measures in January 2019. ICSI is responding to this approaching shift by helping our members and other organizations better understand value-based payment changes and how they may affect care delivery.
 Learn more.

Appropriate Utilization

Reducing unnecessary health care resource utilization, specifically unnecessary admissions, readmissions and emergency room visits, is a key strategy for organizations preparing to thrive in the changing health care environment. ICSI is engaged and has been leading the way in numerous efforts aimed at improving the health of the population, the patient experience, and the affordability of care, including appropriate health care utilization. Learn more.

Choosing Wisely

As one of nearly 60 communications partners nationwide, ICSI is helping to spread the word to its members, sponsors and other stakeholders about Choosing Wisely's easy-to-use educational materials for physicians to use in their offices and give to patients. Learn more.

Medication Utilization Management Work Group

In mid-2015, ICSI was asked, as a neutral convener, to bring together key stakeholders to address concerns about prior authorization for medications. This work group analyzed key issues around medication utilization management/prior authorization in Minnesota and define opportunities for improvement. Because prior authorization is only one component of medication utilization management, the work group also included step therapy, quantity limits, and medical necessity as they designed an improved process.

In the first phase of this work, ICSI completed a set of recommendations that was approved by ICSI's Board of Directors. Read the report. In 2016, community stakeholders are working on the second phase, refinement and implementation.

Updated 10/11/16