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Patient Advisory Council

A number of PAC members took part in ICSI's 2016 Colloquium. L to R, back row: Cassandra Voss and Marshall Grange; front row: Bill Adams, Ken Zaiken, Lynn Everling and Gladys Chuy.

The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of individuals who contribute the patient voice to ICSI’s work. Established in 2010, the PAC provides advice on patient and family-centered care elements vital to providing care, and is an invaluable resource of patient stories that demonstrate both excellence and opportunities for improvement. PAC members:

  • Share their personal experiences in a constructive manner
  • Offer input on specific health care topics and ICSI projects
  • Evaluate work submitted for the PAC Seal of Approval
  • Present at and attend conferences
  • Participate in videos to present patient perspectives and stories

Health care needs patients willing to share their personal stories and work together with providers and health care organizations to improve the experience, outcomes and cost of care - the “Triple Aim.” ICSI provides a collaborative environment where patients, providers and other health care organizations come together to address difficult issues.

The PAC strives to reflect the cultural diversity of families that live in Minnesota, including a variety of ages, ethnicities, and urban/rural communities.

Learn more and apply. Please contact Jeyn Monkman at (952) 883-7980 for additional information.

The Power of the Patient's Voice

Care. Listening. Relief. Empathy. These are just some of the words chosen by PAC members to describe what value in health care means to them. In a powerful beginning to the session at this year's Colloquium (watch the video), the audience heard each patient speak their value word, accompanied by signs held up by audience members. Then, four PAC members shared their individual stories of finding value in health care, giving clinicians a window into the patient's thoughts as they experience our complex health care system.

In the other video below, PAC member Darlene Hafner talks about the value of patient involvement in improving care, including the idea of patient rounding in the hospital.

Seal of Approval

The ICSI Patient Advisory Council Seal of Approval clearly identifies the value of patient and family centered care. All of ICSI's work, plus the work of our members, is eligible for this special recognition. Learn more.

Updated 06/03/16