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Patient Advisory Council

The Buzz: Patients and Clinicians on the Same Team – Let’s Talk!

Again this year, ICSI’s Patient Advisory Council (PAC) brought the voices of patients to the annual Colloquium. Two clinicians joined several PAC members for a lively session set up as a TV talk show, complete with “Heard on the Street” patient interviews recorded just for "The Buzz."

The premise was an acknowledgment that sometimes, patient and clinician communication wires get crossed. On “The Buzz,” the stage was set for patients and clinicians to truly listen to and learn from one another. Several in the audience of this well-attended session took advantage of the opportunity to anonymously submit questions to the panel, leading to even more robust discussion.

The PAC wishes to extend a special thank-you to our two participating clinicians: Valerie Overton, DNP, FNP-BC, vice president of Quality and Innovation at Fairview Health Services, and Foua-Choua Khang, a community health worker at HealthEast.

The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of individuals who contribute the patient voice to ICSI’s work. Established in 2010, the PAC provides advice on patient and family-centered care elements vital to providing care, and is an invaluable resource of patient stories that demonstrate both excellence and opportunities for improvement. PAC members:

  • Share their personal experiences in a constructive manner
  • Offer input on specific health care topics and ICSI projects
  • Evaluate work submitted for the PAC Seal of Approval
  • Present at and attend conferences
  • Participate in videos to present patient perspectives and stories

We are looking for people who want to make a difference, share their health care story, and be a voice for others. ICSI provides a collaborative environment where patients, providers and other health care organizations come together to address difficult issues.

The PAC strives to reflect the cultural diversity of families that live in Minnesota, including a variety of ages, ethnicities, and urban/rural communities.

Learn more and apply. Please contact Rochelle Hayes at (952) 814-7098 for additional information.

Welcome New Members

Michelle Aldinger, RN, BSN is an RN graduate from the University of Minnesota. Last year she became a Team STEPPS Master Trainer and will complete her Masters in Nursing Education in Spring 2018. She says, "My family and birth of my children specifically brought me closer to patient advocacy."

Weldon Makori says, "I am a young adult with a desire to be engaged with the health care community. I seek to represent patients in my age category and stay as engaged as possible to advance the improvement of health care and communications within this field. Being a part of PAC has that potential, and I am very excited to be a part of this revolutionary council!"

Amy Christison's exposure to health care, as a patient and caregiver, drives her to continue to improve patient experience. Her work as a quality improvement consultant for specialty care clinics allows her to always bring the focus back to the patient. She sees joining ICSI's Patient Advisory Council (PAC) team as a great way to continue to provide that spotlight on the patient and their family.


Updated 07/11/17