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Shared Decision-Making

Shared decision-making (SDM) occurs when a patient and clinician work together to make health care decisions that incorporate the patient's values and preferences as well as the best medical evidence. ICSI's extensive experience in this area includes development of the Collaborative Conversation™ framework which is helping organizations across the care continuum implement SDM. The Collaborative Conversation framework facilitates the translation of evidence into practice by encouraging its incorporation into patient and clinical consultations. Learn more on the Resources page

In this brief video, Bill Adams, a member of ICSI's Patient Advisory Council, talks about his experiences with shared decision-making during some recent encounters with the health care system.

Decision Aid Study (Share EBM)

ICSI and Mayo Clinic are partners in an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) grant aimed at developing an effective approach to disseminating evidence-based health information at the point of care. In this study, we investigated processes that enhance use of decision aids and shared decision-making at point of care, including decision aids for osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, depression and lipid medications. Learn more about Mayo Clinic’s work with decisions aids. The study had two arms: one in which decision aids are passively disseminated and one with ICSI providing implementation assistance. For additional information, please contact Jan Schuerman.

Learning Summary

Other Efforts to Boost Patient-Centered Care

ICSI continues its work in many patient-centered venues. ICSI is a member of the Minnesota Shared Decision Making Collaborative (MSDMC), a multi-stakeholder community working to promote the routine use of SDM in clinical practice throughout Minnesota. Additionally, ICSI is expanding the integration of SDM into its Scientific Documents, including the algorithms. SDM is also a focus of ICSI's educational offerings, along with other patient-centered topics. View all resources.

Updated 05/05/16