Reflections on 2020: Download Year-End Message

As we reflect on 2020, we feel deep gratitude for you, each of our members of ICSI. The vital importance of your work and of our healthcare systems has never been more evident than in 2020 – and the critical need to take action together has never been so clear. ICSI has always been known as an epicenter for evidence-based improvement and collaboration in healthcare – where healthcare leaders of all disciplines, care delivery, plans, and others come together to drive improvement and innovation. And ICSI is you. Thank you for sharing your time, expertise, financial support – and in this trying year, for helping to pivot ICSI to tackle the toughest health problems of our times.

We look to 2021 with determination and hope. It will take radical collaboration and increased partnership as we shift and redesign healthcare in a post-pandemic world. We’re honored to continue to be part of the solution to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges:

  • The ICSI Immunizations Work Group is planning how to best mobilize and create community infrastructure for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
  • We are partnering with others in the community to evaluate quality and access issues for people around virtual visits/telehealth.
  • Our workgroups and cross-sector networks are strong in the areas of mental health and substance use disorder, where our friends, family, and neighbors need help now more than ever.

ICSI is a powerful mechanism for change because it’s powered by you. Together, we will lead the way into a new era for healthcare.

Download the entire ICSI 2020 message here.