Minnesota Moves from Dialogue to Action: Accelerating Health Care Affordability

As a result of the multi stakeholder Accelerating Affordability event in November 2018 this learning brief was created. Affordability represents one of the most urgent problems impacting health care today, in Minnesota and across the United States. It’s important to reiterate that health care spending per person has doubled in recent years, while the state’s economic growth and per capita income have not grown nearly as rapidly.

Three key priorities were identified that could drive affordability improvements through collaboration. The priorities were articulated as: First, we need better sharing of data within and across systems to achieve improved health outcomes. Second, we need to build common or shared administrative systems and practices to eliminate duplication and waste and ease the burden for patients as they navigate the health care system, while allowing each health care and payer organization to maintain controls needed for internal operations. Third, stakeholders of all types tell us that the push toward paying for value rather than paying for volume must not only continue but must accelerate.

Minnesota has a long history of collaborating to solve important problems related to health care access, quality, and cost. We look forward to the ongoing dialogue to action.