Press Release

Introducing an Innovative Quality Improvement Approach to Healthcare

ICSI’S Quality Improv(e) program complements traditional quality improvement methods with a unique framework for teamwork and collaboration

The Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) announced the formal launch of its Quality Improv(e) program, an adaptive approach that blends the science of improvement with the art of improvisation. The Quality Improv(e) framework provides a new way for healthcare leadership, clinicians and staff to approach change management and achieve more effective ways to develop, test and implement quality improvement. The program includes dynamic keynote sessions, workshops and customized training programs aimed at revitalizing healthcare change efforts by using improvisation techniques and associated collaborative communication tools to complement existing quality initiatives.

“Real change in healthcare today requires a mindset of collaboration and continuous learning.  Improvisation provides a framework for exceptional teamwork and actionable tools that allow for more agile and adaptive problem-solving. This in turn makes improvement seem much more achievable,” said Sarah Horst, ICSI Healthcare Consultant and creator of the Quality Improv(e) framework. “These techniques help healthcare practitioners use safe experimentation to find newer, more innovative ways of doing things. People who attend the program typically leave feeling much more inspired to test new ideas.”

Quality Improv(e) is comprised of several components:

  • Quality Improv(e) Framework 1.0 Prime the Pump gives attendees the opportunity to learn and practice the art of improvisation and collaborative communication tools while being introduced to key elements and tools of improvement science.
  • Quality Improv(e) Framework 2.0 The Catalyst’s Field Guide explores the psychology of leading change through the use of techniques such as visioning and reverse brainstorming, empathetic design thinking and other tools that address both left- and right-brain tactics.
  • Quality Improv(e) for Healthcare Leaders is a high energy, hands-on workshop based on techniques found in improvisational theater, and uses these methods to help attendees become more flexible, agile and supportive.

In addition, custom workshops and keynote sessions can be designed to address specific needs within the workplace using a broad set of tools based on the Quality Improv(e) framework.

“It’s clear that healthcare today needs to find unique ways to move forward and Quality Improv(e) has helped our team find new ways to tackle challenges within our organization,” said Tim Hernandez, MD, CEO of Entira Family Clinics. “We’ve strengthened our collaborative skills and embraced a new way of introducing change that is helping everyone feel more positive and supported. At the same time, it’s helping us move forward on some very important quality improvement initiatives. Perhaps most importantly the work(shop) was done in a way that it was fun and memorable.”

To request more information about ICSI’s Quality Improv(e) services and programs contact Sarah Horst at or by phone at 952-814-7060.

About Quality Improv(e): For the last three years, ICSI has taught more than 3000 physicians, leaders and staff an adaptive approach to quality improvement that marries the Model for Improvement to improvisation and adaptive engagement methods. The Quality Improv(e) framework meets people where they are, empowering them to safely explore new ideas, embrace mistakes and become more nimble and resilient problem solvers. This is the art of improvement.