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Annual Colloquium

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Together we will explore the new and evolving teams and teamwork needed, both inside of health care and reaching outward beyond our walls, to meet the coming shift to value-based payment systems and achieve the Triple Aim of better care, better health, and lower costs. More and more, we realize the importance of everyone on the "team," including all types of providers, patients, payers and the community, to advancing better health. We look forward to exploring together how to make your "health team" a winning one!

Program Information

A preliminary program is now available! We also have CME accreditation, objectives and intended audience information here. We encourage you to download and share our flyer and these web pages with others who may be interested. The complete program will be available in late February or early March.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Massari, Morris-Singer

Transforming Lives: The Art of Person-Centered Care

Allison Massari will kick off the conference by taking us on a journey, offering tools to rise above any obstacle, and find peace, purpose, and happiness despite turbulent times. As the survivor of two life-threatening car accidents, Massari shares her story of absolute loss, to forgiveness and understanding. She illuminates how compassionate, patient-centered care can build an expansive, life-changing foundation for healing, for both patient and provider.

With sensitivity and compassion born from her experiences, Massari shines light on the provider’s immense value to a patient who is suffering, reinvigorating employees and helping heal health care burnout in the workplace. As an advocate for both patient and health care provider, Massari’s powerful understanding of the essential nature of patient-centered care fortifies audience members, offering applicable tools for managing change, adversity, and the everyday challenges of being human. Learn more about Allison Massari.

Revitalizing Primary Care through Relational Leadership

On the second day, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer, a primary care physician, advocate and founder of the nonprofit Primary Care Progress, will discuss strategies for achieving the true interdependent and high performing care teams that are increasingly necessary in our rapidly evolving health systems. Drawing on insights from both health care and grassroots organizing, Dr. Morris-Singer will highlight some of the key relational leadership practices essential to achieving both success of teams and satisfaction of team members, and how they can act as a powerful complement to the more structural and process interventions increasingly being utilized in contemporary quality improvement efforts.

Audience members will walk away inspired with a new set of ideas for how to transform care and revitalize themselves and colleagues at the same time. Learn more about Dr. Morris-Singer.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Transform Your Work Relationships Right Now!
A Leadership Practice

For all leaders, complexity and stress tend to impede creativity and resilience in tackling day-to-day problems. In particular, relational issues such as conflict, resistance, and non-collaborative behaviors are very common and can be especially hard to address in the moment.

This workshop, led by Neil Baker, MD, offers evidence-informed strategies to tap into your highest skills and values when you most need them — right now! Case situations will be used to practice thinking through how to transform work relationships as you work toward results. While not easy, this practice enables more clarity, confidence, and agility in the moment.

Designed primarily for physician, administrative, nursing, and quality leaders, but open to all health care professionals. Learn more about Dr. Baker.

Separate registration is required for this Monday workshop, to be held from 1 - 4:30 p.m.

Please contact Lisa Carlson with any questions.

Updated 02/06/17