Health care is changing fast.  Today’s health care leaders need to be more agile and flexible than ever before.  ICSI Workshops prepare you and your team to help your organization reach its transformation goals.

Prime the Pump: Activate the Team, Accelerate Improvement

Workshop for Health Systems Doing Quality Improvement

Health care improvement is no longer the exclusive work of the “quality improvement” department. In order to succeed in today’s fast changing environment, you will need the engagement of every person on your team to take your work to the next level.   Revitalize your change efforts by focusing first on teamwork skills and equipping your entire team with simple quality improvement tools that can be applied by anyone to any problem. Infuse a spirit of collaboration into your project by inviting your entire team to co-create solutions that work.

In this workshop you’ll learn the key elements of improvement science in a way that is accessible and practical, and you’ll walk out with tools you can immediately apply to improvement opportunities in your workplace.  Also, you’ll learn and practice collaboration skills – positive communication tools that can move even the most difficult conversations forward.

The Catalyst’s Field Guide – Practical Tools to Inspire Transformation

Knowing just the technical tools for quality improvement (e.g. PDSAs, A3s) isn’t enough.  In this workshop, you’ll explore the psychology of leading change, an often-ignored part of Deming’s system of profound knowledge.  Learn how to engage participants in quality improvement work using tools that speak to both their hearts and minds. Topics include exploring the role of the practice coach; focusing on what’s working rather than what’s broken; using visioning and reverse brainstorming to define what needs to happen (and NOT happen) to be successful; and applying empathetic design thinking to solving the right problem and more.

Collaborative Communications: Improv for Health Care Teams

We can’t do it alone. More than ever before, health care needs people who can successfully collaborate with their colleagues, patients and families to deliver on the promise of high quality, affordable care and exceptional experience.  We need to come together as a team to create a healthier community. While we often know what needs to be done, the how to work together to do it can be challenging.

This hands-on, high-energy workshop focuses on how we partner and teaches 7 Rules of Collaborative Communication.  Based on techniques used in improvisational theater and jazz, you’ll learn skills used by these experts in teamwork and collaboration to become more flexible, agile and supportive as you interact with people.  Harnessing the power of “Yes, and…” participants will practice making connections and creating more positive outcomes.  If how you change requires navigation of “buy-in”, “burn-out” and “culture,” this session will offer a fresh approach.

These sessions can be delivered for your team at ICSI or at your preferred location.  Please contact Sarah Horst with question.