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ICSI Launches New FAQ for COVID-19 Vaccines

News Alert: ICSI’s Minnesota vaccination working group rolls out “living document” for healthcare clinicians to answer frequently asked questions about new vaccines for COVID-19

ICSI’s COVID-19 Vaccination working group has created a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Designed as a tool for healthcare clinicians faced with a multitude of questions from patients and others as the new vaccines are rolled out, the FAQ covers a broad range of topics including vaccine availability, information about vaccine trials, and patient eligibility. The new COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ will be updated on a frequent basis as new information becomes available and more common questions emerge.

“We wanted to go beyond the standard FAQ you may see on public health websites and address misinformation that is circulating, providing clinicians with more complete fact-based responses,” said Jodie Dvorkin, MD, MPH, Associate Medical Director for ICSI. “For example, people really want to know the specific demographics of the vaccine trials, or they may need further clarification on recent news reports,” Dvorkin added that although the FAQ was created for the healthcare industry, it is intended to be of use for the general public as well.

The FAQ have been developed by ICSI’s COVID-19 Vaccination working group, comprised of healthcare leaders across Minnesota from healthcare delivery systems, health plans, county and state agencies, and others. Key authors include Dr. Jodie Dvorkin, Jill Amsbury, DO of CentraCare, and members of the M Health Fairview team.

“This is phenomenal work! The North Memorial team and I look forward to posting this living document on our website for our clinicians to use.” – Dr. Leslie Baken, Infectious Disease Physician and ICSI Vaccination working group member.

To download the COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ visit here.