Legacy Work


COMPASS (Care of Mental, Physical and Substance-use Syndromes) implemented a primary care-based model, proven to improve outcomes in patients with active depression, and poorly controlled chronic disease, in 18 care systems across 8 states. Build on previous work, including DIAMOND and RARE, COMPASS showed that a complex model of care could be successfully implemented in health care organizations that varied greatly in size, organizational structure and patient
populations. Learn More

Diagnostic Imaging

ICSI championed the use of appropriateness criteria to help clinicians order the right high-tech diagnostic images for patients.  This “decision-support” initiative has improved patient health while lowering health care costs. Learn More


ICSI’s DIAMOND (Depression Improvement Across Minnesota, Offering a New Direction) program unites a physician, care manager and consulting psychiatrist to provide a team-based model for caring for patients with depression in the primary care clinic. Learn More

Going Beyond Clinical Walls

Going Beyond Clinical Walls is a series of communications and resources—including white papers, videos, a table of examples and related tools—inviting clinicians, clinical staff and administrators to connect with community partners and resources for effective problem-solving in health care. Learn More

Mental Health Community Partners Network

An outgrowth of the RARE Mental Health Collaborative, this recently completed initiative offered an opportunity for representatives of hospitals to connect and collaborative with their community partners toward improving care transitions for people with mental illness. Learn More


SBIRT is an early intervention proven to reduce risky alcohol and drug use. Under an Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality grant, ICSI participated in Partners in Integrated Care, an initiative to integrate depression and unhealthy substance use services into primary care. Learn More


SBIRT showed how an intervention proven to be successful in the primary care setting could be translated into a novel setting. SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) was implemented in the DWI court system using a quality improvement process bringing together multiple agencies and stakeholders. Learn More

Statewide Health Improvement Project – SHIP

ICSI participated in the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Statewide Health Improvement Project (SHIP) from 2010 – 2012. SHIP works to prevent disease by creating healthy communities and helping individuals make healthy choices. ICSI led collaboratives across Minnesota in which medical groups worked with public health agencies to implement the ICSI Healthy Lifestyles and Obesity guideline. ICSI also helped two counties implement a referral system within medical organizations to local agencies that could help patients increase their physical activity and improve nutrition. Read the 2013 MDH report on the three-year results of the SHIP program.