SBIRT for Risky Substance Use

SBIRT is an early intervention proven to reduce risky alcohol and drug use. The model consists of Screening to identify people at risk for developing substance use disorders; Brief Intervention to raise awareness of risks and consequences, motivate for change, and help set healthier goals; and Referral to Treatment to aid access to treatment and coordinate service for people with high risk and/or dependence.

SBIRT in Primary Care Settings

Under an Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality grant, ICSI participated in Partners in Integrated Care, an initiative to integrate depression and unhealthy substance use services into primary care. Some primary care clinics implemented the SBIRT model as part of the ICSI-led COMPASS (Care of Mental, Physical And Substance-use Syndromes) initiative.

SBIRT in the Criminal Justice System

Supported by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, ICSI worked with a core team to implement the SBIRT model in the criminal justice system for first time Driving-While-Impaired (DWI) offenders in St. Louis County, Minnesota. Early results indicate positive behavior change for the DWI client, improved court systems processes, and inter-organizational success in addressing community health. Learn more

SBIRT Resources